Sticky Ends

Brave Bold Drama

family theatre
age 3+

30 mins

Sticky Ends is a one-woman show written and devised by Gill Simmons, artistic director of Bristol-based theatre company Brave Bold Drama. First performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2000, it was revised for the Buxton Fringe Festival 2017 and is enjoying another tour in the summer of 2018.

"Intelligent comedy & deliciously humorous verse kept the young audience enthralled (but not scared!). Witty & dark-humoured, a highly original show."
Edinburgh Fringe Review

Don't do this! Don't to that!
Don't suck your thumb or tease the cat,
If you do my little friend,
You'll come to a STICKY END!

Brand new cautionary tales told with good humour, music and lots of joining in for families to enjoy together. Never again will your child play too much minecraft, eat too much ice cream or refuse to go to bed after watching Sticky Ends . . . (maybe). Each batch of tales lasts 30 minutes and the audience choose the stories they want to hear from a selection of props on display.

‘Excellent performance . . .’
Roger Horvath, Buxton Fringe Review

"10/10! We loved it! How do you get to be a storyteller because I want to be one now! Really funny. We all had such a lovely time!"
Audience Member

Brave Bold Drama Awards & Nominations:

Bristol Life Awards Arts Winner (2017)
Best Children's Show (for "Alf the Highwayman" Swindon Fringe 2017)
Best Children's Show (for "Alf the Highwayman" Shaftesbury Fringe 2016)

Bristol Life Awards Arts Finalist (2018)
Bristol Hoop Awards Finalists 2018 (in Best Creative Fun and Best Family Entertainment categories)