Split Second

Documental Theatre

new writing, audio drama
age 14+

40 mins

Come and listen to a radio play in a way youíve never done before.

You will need a fully charged iPhone or Android plus your own headphones.

"A fascinating exploration of the ebb of a relationship"

Inspired by lived experience, Split Second by Cally Hayes, is a complex and intense look at the dynamics of a relationship that asks how well you can ever know anyone.

Martin & Jude greet the news of their unexpected pregnancy with a mixture of excitement, trepidation & social media sharing. When a 20 week scan shows up an anomaly their world is turned upside down. Through the intimate routines they share in their bathroom, we discover how each of them feels about the decision they need to make, ultimately exposing the fault lines in their relationship.

"Itís a real gift to have time carved out and shared with others, even if that time is spent in silence."
Exeunt Magazine

Split Second pic

Documental make new writing drama inspired by lived experience. This is partly because weíre nosy but mainly because we want to make plays that take account of how real people cope under pressure, and how they rarely lose their sense of humour or a preoccupation with when the bins need to go out.

Split Second audience

This show is all about the shared experience of radio in an ever increasing insular and digital age. In an age of iPhones, and iPads, we often listen to radio drama alone.

Award-winning Devon company, Documental Theatre brings you the opportunity of a shared listening experience streamed straight to your phone so you can catch each otherís reactions whilst listening to this audio drama about a coupleís very different reactions to the results of an antenatal test.

Hope to see you there!

Split Second audience