Jack The Ripper: Facts, No Fiction

Lucky Dog Theatre Productions

spoken word
age 14+

strong images and descriptions
60 mins

Philip Hutchinson is regarded as being a world authority on the Whitechapel Murders. He will tell you just the facts - with some unexpected laughs thrown in.

"Jack the Ripper is undoubtedly acknowledged as a tall figure in a top hat, creeping through the foggy streets of Londonís East End and pouncing on lascivious ladies of the night. As historian Philip Hutchinson so succinctly describes, nothing could be further from the truth. When considering the best way to exploit a relaxing evening out at the theatre, an hourís lecture on the exploits of a mysterious serial killer is far from the forefront of most peopleís minds. In that respect, this piece is a myth-busting exercise that presents history, popular misconception and context in a symbiotic and humorous package.

Hutchinson has written several books about these infamous events and his knowledge of the subject is apparent from the outset. His ability to evoke quotations, dates, places and names with no written prompts is an astounding feat accentuated by his relaxed and matter-of-fact delivery. Far from being preachy, didactic or Gradgrindian, the hour is filled with audible laughs through comic asides. These moments both aid the delivery and ease those of a squeamish or sensitive nature. As well as the welcome use of visual aids, Hutchinsonís diverse lexicon goes as far as possible at positioning the audience at the scenes of the crime whilst these atrocities were being committed. Addressing theories as varied as anti-Semitic motivations and royal conspiracies, Hutchinson brings his subject matter to life in a piece that never feels boring or stale. In an age in which curriculum reform is seen as the great fix for educational mismanagement, the delivery of our past in this manner and with this passion would certainly bridge the gap between the disillusioned citizen and the avid historian."
Broadway Baby (★★★★★) May 2013