A Cautionary Tale

Rabblerouse Theatre

age 14+

some strong language
60 mins

Based on a series of Victorian rhymes for children, ‘A Cautionary Tale’ is a modern gothic yarn exploring ambition and apples, books and Bear Grylls, friendship and Faustian temptation.

Lottie Bell is on a quest to curate a collection of the nation’s Cautionary Tales. Cheered on by her friends, drifter Bo and trainee doctor, Griff, Lottie launches her first edited collection.

At the launch, she is approached by Robin, a member of the elusive secret society, The Family, who offers her a Faustian pact: for five years, Lottie and her Foundation will reap the benefits of the Family’s considerable global influence. All Robin asks in return is that on her thirtieth birthday, Lottie joins the Family with nothing. But when doors are thrown open for Lottie, the backdraft slams others closed. How will Lottie make sure she is on the right side of them when they do? And at what cost?

Plymouth-based company, Rabblerouse Theatre, have been producing and performing new work together since 2013.