ticketed venues

 The Baptist Hall

The Baptist HallThe Baptist Hall is at the top end of Boutport Street, next to the Baptist Church. This fine, historic building provides a space large enough to house a generous 60 seat studio theatre, big enough to accomodate dance and some of the larger-cast extravaganzas.

 The Guildhall

GuildhallThe Guildhall is one of Barnstaple's most picturesque historic buildings and has been made available to Fringe TheatreFest thanks to Barnstaple Town Council . This atmospheric venue boasts a large performance area and raked seating that holds 80.

St Anne's Arts Centre

St Anne's Arts CentreSt Anne's Arts & Community Centre provides an adaptable 50-seat setting for innovative work. The building itself is well worth a visit, steeped, as it is, in history. The Plough Arts Centre run St Anne's and have made the venue available to us.

Castle Centre

Castle CentreCastle Centre provides a 60-seat end-on venue with a low raised stage. It is a well-focussed venue, suitable for small-scale studio productions. This is the first time that Fringe TheatreFest has used this venue which is hired to us by the Town Council.

The Southgate

The SouthgateThe Southgate is a fine eatery between High Street and the Square. The 30-seater first-floor venue is an ideal, focussed space for stand-up comedy and intimate drama. Audiences are welcome to take up drinks - alcoholic or teas and coffees - from the bar.

The Golden Lion Tap

Golden Lion TapThe Golden Lion Tap is an old coaching inn that borders The Square. The management have generously made available the large back room that is well-known in the town as a music venue. This will be configured as a studio/cabaret space with room for 60.

The Golden Lion Tap programme is sponsored by

Samuels Solicitors

alt space venues - non-ticketed, pay-what-you-will performances

The Tent on the Square

The Tent on the Square was a great success last year. It's a sturdy structure that belongs to The Common Players and is configured into an atmospheric 60-seat venue. It's the most immediately visible of all the venues and also acts as an information hub.

The Tent on the Square programme is sponsored by

Barnstaple Coffee Shop

The Barnstaple Coffee Shop plays host to 'taster' sessions - 5 minute previews - on Wed 27 and Thu 28 June from 3.00 - 4.00pm. It's also got great cakes and a satisfying all-day menu - very popular as a breakfast destination with performers.

Green Lanes Shopping Centre

Green Lanes Shopping Centre is the venue for 7 shows and a workshop, ranging from gritty drama at the top of the multi-story car park to a musical and a circus extravaganza in the main concourse - all to complement your shopping experience!

The Cove Boutique

The Cove Boutique is where a horror film will be recorded in a day - which will then be shown at Golden Lion Tap on the Sunday evening. The Cove Boutique also has a great reuputation for hosting young bands. And check out the clothes!

Castle Green

Castle Green is the site for an outdoors Shakespeare anthology on the Sunday afternoon. It's also where the North Devon Diversity Festival happens on the Saturday, featuring some Fringe TheatreFest companies. Let the sun shine.

Barnstaple Library

The Barnstaple Library hosts 3 different shows, two especially for younger people and the third, a site-specific show set amongst the bookcases. You will also find a display of Fringe TheatreFest posters in the foyer.

High Street

Golden Lion TapThe High Street is the place for a whole variety of encounters over the Festival, including dancers, a magician and a 7 foot unicycle. The Fringe comes to you, rather than you having to hunt out the Fringe.

Youth House

Barnstaple's Youth House is the perfect venue for performances of Fairytaleheart. Youth House does a lot of important work with North Devon's youth and has a variety of spaces for hire. Glance through the windows at bits of hidden Barnstaple.

Escape Down The Rabbit Hole

Escape Down The Rabbit Hole is hosting some hard-hitting, spoken word performances on the Friday and Saturday evenings. During the day you can eat, drink and explore the fiendish delights of the Escape Rooms.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party are hosting the children's show, The Enormous Turnip, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We're delighted to be renewing our acquaintance with BTP. The coffee is great and the cakes are very naughty.

Queen's Theatre

The Queen's Theatre is providing space in the foyer for a Fringe box-office in the 10 days before Fringe TheatreFest starts. See tickets for details. There will also be a Taster Session in the cafe on Friday 29 June at 2pm.

Pannier Market

The Pannier Market is the historic and atmospheric venue for Bummer and Lazarus. Twice nightly on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is one of Barnstaple's most visited buildings and we're delighted to be inhabiting it.

The Square

Golden Lion TapThe Square is going to be very busy. As well as accommodating the tent there are quite a number of shows happening outside. The Tent will also act as a central information point. And there'll be exciting building work going on at the Museum!

The BikeShed

The BikeShed is the wet-weather venue for Story Sofa - which will otherwise be roaming the streets. The BikeShed is of course a mecca for all things Bike - naturally. But it also has a cafe that's well-placed for activity on The Square.

White Moose Gallery

The White Moose Gallery is hosting a couple of shows that should rather pleasingly complement the temporary exhibition. But you don't need the excuse of a show to visit this very special and enterprising gallery.

The Guildhall as an alt space

The GuildhallAs well as being a ticketed venue, The Guildhall is also being used to host a number of pay-what-you-will mid-morning productions. These are performances by North Devon drama students and a chance to enjoy local, youthful creativity.

Entrance to Pannier Market (alt space 18)

Pannier Market EntranceThis is where Moving On sets off from, on its journey through the streets of Barnstaple, inviting passers-by to look again at the buildings and spaces of the town. The cortege of dancers finally wends its way to The Square (alt space 19).

alt space various

High StreetThere are a number of shows that have a license to roam! They are principally designed for people to stumble upon so they are not tied to any one space - though they are most likely to be either on or near the High Street.