Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Under African Skies

Gary Cordingley

Under African Skies is a masterpiece of immersive storytelling and music that takes its audience on a faraway voyage into a rich culture they might never have experienced otherwise.

The show centres on the right of passage of a boy named Mamadou, transitioning from boyhood into manhood as he leaves his village and goes in search of his story. Yet under African skies also weaves other stories into his journey, exploring the importance of family, community and other similar themes.

The show aims to brings its audience joy, leave them with a sense of community and give them a taste of another culture, and I think it achieved all three of these goals through its use of live music, audience participation and even audience participation in the live music.

It isnít a high tech production, with minimal use of lighting and any other such gimmicks, it instead relies more on traditional methods of storytelling to inspire its audience and I think it works better for being so stripped down.

Although Under African Skies deals with themes that are more relevant to adults, the simple humour and participation would make this an enjoyable experience for younger audiences too.

In short, Under African Skies is a rich and immersive journey that is enjoyable for both young and old audiences.
George Chapman, The Daily Fringe