Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show

Hambledon Productions

Hambledon productions have been allowed by Tommy Cooper’s estate to perform this show. I confess I was not a particular Tommy Cooper fan, I am, perhaps, just slightly too young to have been his target audience, but this seems to be a faithful reproduction of the material.

The show is an homage to Tommy, with one joke and silly gag, and failed magic trick following another. John Hewer faithfully reproduces the trade mark mannerisms, the guffaw, the tics and lumbering gait to a tee.

The show is fast paced with an excellent musical interlude, which naturally gives the piece a sense of being in two halves. Whether you are already a fan of Tommy Cooper or a newcomer to this material there is plenty to enjoy.

John Hewer is clearly a Tommy Cooper fan and does justice to his hero. I must admit I was expecting there to be a dark side to this piece simply because it is in a Fringe Festival, where what you see is rarely not all you get.

But in this case this is exactly what it advertises itself as, “the perfect celebration of Britain’s favourite comedian”.
Nicola Cockell, The Daily Fringe