Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

What's the Matter? A comedy about physics

The Last Baguette Theatre Company

This is a completely bonkers show full of daft stuff, but is really endearing.

Speaking as someone who doesnít know an atom from a quark, and who still believes television is some kind of magic, I am not, perhaps, the target audience. However, despite the fact I have no real idea about the physics that was being illustrated, I was still charmed and entertained.

This is the story of a stolen cat, stolen by a scientist (yes, Schrodingerís cat), and the journey of a geeky scientist to recover it for his one true love. Honey I Shrunk The Kids meets any number of Pantomimes.

There are positives being attracted to negatives (that much I got) and quantum level episodes, but beyond that I have no idea about the science.

There are a plethora of silly voices, skilled mime, a parade of scientists, to name check (with the aid of a handy information booklet) and some silly music all played out with the aid of projected childish drawings with which the actors interact. As I say, bonkers!

The real place for this piece would be in schools to enhance the learning of physics, but its sheer exuberance is a joy to have on the Theatrefest stage.
Nicola Cockell, The Daily Fringe