Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Lyrically Minded

Mishmash Productions

“There are no instructions for growing up”

The spoken word is a powerful tool to convey one’s true emotions; a stepping stone that forms part of our story. Bryony Chave-Cox, writer and producer, shows us how life and the mind are uncontrollably lyrical. We bear witness to the growing pressures of a young person’s life. This exceptional and brave performance thrusts her emotions onto us beautifully capturing the fragility of self being and its erratic nature.

Piles of poetry shield her lost self as an eternal ‘to do’ list swallows her whole. A live drawing complements this tone as it slowly comes together revealing her overwhelming burdens. Whilst lost in this consciousness we are given glimpses of hope but her struggles never leave the room.

You will feel nothing but empathy and relativity for the soul bearing all. Our imagination is let loose with riddling metaphors transporting us to the different threads that weave her story but we are never truly there. We are told that a place is part of our story and here the chapel setting evokes a fitting sense of prayer to the performance.

The mystery of this girl is both intriguing and worrying whilst holding its own charm. Trying to piece her together only ends with us asking ourselves who we really are. A beautifully constructed piece.
Tom Whitton, The Daily Fringe