Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

A Forgotten Place

Self Assembly Theatre

A Forgotten Place is an engaging drama that is impressively performed by just one woman. It follows the tale of the young Eleanor, on an emotional journey.

The story is well written and very well communicated by the actress, who spoke directly to the audience and made us feel very involved. I felt completely wrapped up in the story that was being told, with the rural accent especially bringing it to life.

The main character of Eleanor was easy to connect with and there was a mix of her narration and acting out of present events. We followed her tale of romance and emotional turmoil, as she falls in love with a stranger before discovering her beloved village is to be destroyed.

Music was carefully selected to create the right atmosphere at certain moments and allowing the audience to vividly picture the story being described. The setting of 1920s rural England was also well presented and easily imagined by the audience.

Among all this, there was a spooky undertone to add intrigue, as the staging was dark and the performance opened and closed with whistling wind, followed by a sinister chiming church bell.

Altogether, this is a captivating solo performance that will entrance you from beginning to end in this tale of love and loss.
Seraphina Allard–Bridge, The Daily Fringe