Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival
June 23rd-26th 2016

Tuuli Tuli Tulliin


Whilst waiting for the performance to begin I was asked a simple yet complex question, “What do you think about the wind?”

I wasn’t really sure how it could be answered but soon realised how varied the responses could be and the conversations they were generating. We were no longer queuing, we were lost talking about the wind and quickly we were swept away by it.

We were taken on a journey with the wind; wherever it took us. Both turbulent and tranquil, hostile and inviting, we are offered the opportunity to become one with it.

Performed with energy, passion and soul our hosts fused with the wind as it danced in sync with their emotions. Never settling they jumped, they fell and even danced. Their words poured life into this element revealing its subtle beauties and uncertain tendencies.

The both open and intimate space became a skyline where the two were trapped and set free. We were suddenly part of a breeze that took everyone in the chapel to a strange yet ultimately revealing place where nothing was still.

You will leave feeling united by a concept previously thought irrelevant.

A real breath of fresh air.
Tom Whitton, The Daily Fringe