We've just taken the difficult decision to cancel this year's Fringe TheatreFest. Difficult because what happens over the next few months is uncertain and there is just the chance that there might be some level of normality by the end of June if things happen more quickly than forecast. Were that so, we could be letting Barnstaple down. But ultimately it's the uncertainty that has pushed us to make the choice now.

There are businesses and individuals already hurting. Even if the virus has abated by the end of June, the landscape could look quite different. We can't guarantee to anyone - companies, audiences, venues, volunteers, sponsors - that we can deliver anything like the Festival that we've promised in a safe environment. And there will be many involved in putting the Festival together who will have to be focusing their energies elsewhere.

But in time we're going to need this festival more than ever. A chance to meet again, to take stock. to laugh, to cry and to move on - lessons learned.

Have a look at the rest of this page to see how much support there is from Barnstaple: sponsors, councils, businesses, schools, civic institutions. That's why we can confidently paraphrase Arnie and say "We'll be back!"

Until then, love to all. Keep safe.

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