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getting a crowd a guide to an effective publicity campaign for Fringe TheatreFest.

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programme of workshops

The three 'Taster Sessions' consist of five minute extracts or promos designed to whet the appetite. They will take place in the Tent on the Strand on the Thursday (3pm), Friday (1pm) and Saturday (1pm). They're largely attended by performers and volunteers plus core audience members keen to see as much as possible. Don't under estimate the value of exciting the interest of fellow performers and volunteers. They help to spread the word.

There are still two slots available for the Saturday session. First-come, first-served.


  • 3.00 Journeymen Theatre
  • 3.05 Jess Cox
  • 3.10 i.e.
  • 3.15 Plough Storytellers
  • 3.20 Melanie Branton
  • 3.25 Kobold & co
  • 3.30 Benny& Kate
  • 3.35 MishMash
  • 3.40 Tina Sederholm
  • 3.45 Spaniel in the Works
  • 3.50 Robert Garnham
  • 3.55 Pen Works


  • 1.00 Benny& Kate
  • 1.05 Lucky Dog
  • 1.10 Circle of Spears
  • 1.15 Creative Playhouse
  • 1.20 Melanie Branton
  • 1.25 Nick Hall
  • 1.30 Emily Carding
  • 1.35 MishMash
  • 1.40 Spaniel in the Works
  • 1.45 Shirley Halse
  • 1.50 Robert Garnham
  • 1.55 Plough Storytellers
  • 2.00 Tina Sederholm


  • 1.00 JDJB Productions
  • 1.05 Robert Garnham
  • 1.10 Lucky Dog
  • 1.15 Spaniel in the Works
  • 1.20 Plough Storytellers
  • 1.25 Studio Theatre
  • 1.30 Raconteur Theatre & Dance
  • 1.35 MishMash
  • 1.40 Pen Works
  • 1.45 Melanie Branton
  • 1.50
  • 1.55


Hello fellow fringe family. Hope you are looking forward to being live at the fringe this year and ready to perform in front of the wonderful fringe audiences.

We are Soundwave radio, a Torridge & North Devon community online and Alexa radio station and we are turning the radio station over to the Fringe from Thursday 23 June, right through to Sunday 26.

We will have our station on Barnstaple Square just outside the museum. We will either be broadcasting from our big stage trailer (council permission pending) or from a gazebo.

Our aim is to help promote the Fringe and your shows during the week and in the run up to the Fringe. Below is how we can help you.

Friday 17th June

On Friday 17th June from 8pm to 10pm we are inviting performers who can get to our Bideford studio to come along and have an interview and to talk about Fringe and their life with performing and acting/writing. We are hoping Gill & Bill may be able to come along as well - time permitting.

If you like to come along we ask people to send me message by email - - or Facebook messenger - - or just turn up.

Our studio is at 28a Bridgeland Street, Bideford, opposite Bond & Oxborough estate agents. We are in the large brick building and we are the brown door on the left. You come in, go along the corridor and then through the door at the end of the corridor. You then go up the stairs and we are the first door on the right.

Fringe week

During the four days of Fringe we will be on the Square from 11am until around 7pm/8pm.

We are there so that performers / writers / actors / producers / reviewers / organisers and audience members can come and talk about the Fringe shows.

If you would like to go on air during the week then please just pop along and see us - no need to book a time slot.

The interviews will last as long or as short as you want them to be - we give you all the time you need and want. The only restriction is if we have other people waiting to get on air.

And you can come as many times during the four days as you want - once a day or twice or three times a day. You can come everyday.

We are there to help you and to let the community know about arts and culture and community events.

This is our first year with the Fringe as the radio station. It will be a learning curve for us and we hope we can make this a regular thing.

We get around 5,000 listeners a month and we are growing.

We hope to see all of you over Fringe TheatreFest and we hope you feel that this is a good opportunity and addition to the Fringe.

‘Hopps’ who hosts the morning show (7 – 10am) has said that performers can drop-in on Wed, Thu and Fri to chat live about their show. The studio is easy to find - right next the Bus Station. You don’t need to make an appointment - just drop in and if there’s a queue you just wait your turn!

Hopps is a great host. He makes it all very easy! And Voice Radio has a big following in the locality. They always do us us proud. It's very much worth the early start!

Fringe TheatreFest in outline

  • Fringe TheatreFest is not juried or curated - companies are picked from a hat for Regular Venues and accepted in order of application for Alt Space venues.
  • 12 Regular Venue slots are set aside for North Devon companies, with 24 open to UK and International companies.
  • One application per company for Regular Venues but multiple applications can be made for Alt Space venues.
  • Fringe TheatreFest timetables the programme and sets ticket prices. For 2022 these will be £8, £5 concessions, £4 if using a Frequent Fringer Voucher.
  • 100% of the ticket revenue or pay-what-you-will income is returned to the companies.
  • In Regular Venues companies are offered a 3-performance slot. Companies able to commit to all three performances will take priority. Shows in Regular Venues open on the Thursday or Friday.
  • Companies performing in an Alt Space venue are welcome to perform as many (or as few) times as they wish, so long as we have the capacity to steward the events adequately.
  • Regular Venue companies will pay a £100 participation fee, £65 of which will be refunded so long as they fulfil their performance commitments.
  • Alt Space companies will pay a £100 participation fee which will be refunded in full so long as they fulfil their performance commitments.
  • A large group of experienced volunteers provide box-office and stewarding. There is a technician to operate lights and sound for shows in Regular Venues.
  • The Festival markets and publicises the event as an entity. Companies market and publicise their own shows.
  • Companies must have their own Public Liability Insurance and music used in a performance may be subject to PRS or PPL terms and conditions, dependent on the precise usage.
  • We do our best to find free billets for companies from outside North Devon if so required but, given the pandemic, we anticipate this being more difficult this year. In return for being billeted, companies and individuals are asked to help out with four hours of volunteer duties that support Fringe TheatreFest.

why apply to Fringe TheatreFest?

  • Fringe TheatreFest provides an affordable context in which to develop new work, to give further life to existing productions and to introduce a company to North Devon audiences, to local and regional promoters and, where appropriate, to schools and colleges. But primarily Fringe Theatrefest is a meeting place to forge new relationships and somewhere to be inspired by a host of interesting productions as well as to inspire others with what you have to offer.
  • Fringe Theatrefest is probably one of the lowest-cost Fringe Theatre Festivals in the world because the outlay is so low. But, whilst it won't break the bank, it won't make anyone's fortune. In 2019 the average box-office take for a three-performance run in a regular venue was £227. The highest earner grossed £499. The lowest earner grossed £30. Alt Space takings varied enormously as some acts didn't set out to make money. The top earning Alt Space act made £622 but the average Alt Space take was £134.
  • Fringe TheatreFest 2022 will have room for 36 companies in Regular Venues and for up to 32 Alt Space companies.

how to apply to Fringe TheatreFest


You are more than welcome to contact us with specific questions.

"We saw some fab shows as well as making great connections with new audiences and promoters whilst at Fringe TheatreFest - may it go on from strength to strength!"