Sunday 27 June 13.00 - 21.00

The Rings of Arthur
Pig's Ear Productions
This ancient magical illusion is presented by the ancient magical Great Surmo. A winning combination and - like the last bus home - not to be missed.

comic illusion 4+ 10 mins

Storytime with Billy LIVE!
Storytime with Billy
Join storyteller Billy as he takes you on a short adventure inspired by some of the best loved fairytales supported by Makaton signing and singing!

storytelling all ages 10 mins

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Flat 5
'If you have the time, please, sit with me. If you chose to listen, I shall speak.' Hear my stories and you may find the world I speak of is one not too different from your own.

drama 13+ 10 mins

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The Fire and the Smoke
White Hippos
On a distant farmland there was a fire. One morning it swept out of some nearby woodland and set fire to the crops and hedgerows... Does this story sound familiar? It should.

spoken word 7+ 10 mins

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Make the Move
Make the Move

dance all ages  

His Heart Belonged to the Sea
Back ze Vore Productions
Set to an original sea shanty, a sailor's story is brought to life through the use of puppets.

puppet theatre, shanty music all ages 8 mins

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This Is Not Therapy
Tina Sederholm
How do you make choices in a world flooded with conflicting information? Tina spins her Wheel of Destiny to discover how to solve problems with less crisis, more celebration.

spoken word theatre 16+ 12 mins

occasional swearing

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Centre Stage School
Watch the talented 9 to 16 years students of Centre Stage School in Barnstaple sing and dance a selection of show and pop songs.

dance / singing all ages 15 mins

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Salt In The Wounds
T.S. IDIOT reflects on themes of identity, visibility and self-acceptance as they queer the narrative of growing up in seaside suburbia in this spoken word performance.

spoken word 12+ 10 mins

some mild language and mentions of mental health and sexuality

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The Giant’s Head by Jane Morris
Thereby Hangs A Tale
There's a Giant's Head in front of the library. Sometimes you see the townsfolk whisper in its ear. This is the story of how the giant's head came to be there.

children's theatre 5-11 6 mins

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Romeo & Juliet
Ilfracombe Academy
'Ilfracombe Academy's Stage Right Theatre Company present the worlds greatest love story. "For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo'.

drama all ages 10 mins

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Lucky Dog Theatre Productions
Viewed by the character, and hearing the thoughts inside his head, a trip into Barnstaple ends in a dark place of rough justice.

drama 12+ 10 mins

suggested violence

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The Mask of Anarchy
The Piper Calls Project
The Mask of Anarchy, arguably the greatest poem of political protest in the English language was written in anger by PB Shelley following the Peterloo massacre on 16 August 1819.

spoken word 12+ 15mins

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A woman's last two eggs make an important decision. Fertility and friendship in Annie Fox's funny short play.

comedy 15+ (PD) 10 mins

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Remembered - The Lynmouth Floods
The Plough Youth Theatre Seniors
Based on interviews from the Exmoor Archive in response to the Lynmouth Floods in 1952 The Plough Youth Theatre Seniors bring some of the characters to life to tell their stories.

drama 13+ 15 mins

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Do You think He Heard Us?
South By SouthWest Theatre Company
Something strange is happening in Sherwood Forest. Tales of portals and travellers from a bygone era reach the city of Nottingham, Who or What is behind it all?

physical comedy, fantasy 6+ 15 mins

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The Art of Walking The Streets of Barnstaple by John Gay
Thereby Hangs A Tale
John Gay of Barnstaple - an 18th Century poet - advises all good people as to their best winter footwear and reveals the origins of the most honourable trade of shoe-shining.

theatre, storytelling 14+ 10 mins

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You're On Mute!!
Project:Dance! Devon
We've all discovered our inner IT manager through the last year! We take a look at how virtual interaction has changed us and brought us together whilst keeping us apart.

drama all ages 5+ 15 mins

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Two Tents
MishMash Productions Devon
Barnstaple pays host to the weirdest celebrations ever seen as you stumble across "Two tents" and become drawn into the events unfolding inside and around them.

spoken word improvisation 16+ 15 mins

strong language and themes possible

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Once upon a..
Unknown productions
Two women. One goal! To get to the destination.. smoothly! Come and watch two passionate women storytelling a modern day fairytale of Cinderella!

comedy 15+ 15 mins

The Show Must Go On
After a year of performing at home, its finally "Our Time" to take to the Stage, as the young performers of VAMP present a Musical mash up to celebrate the re-opening of theatres.

musical theatre all ages 8 mins

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My Fabulous Career as a Heterosexual
Hard Times
From Barnstaple 2021, let me whisk you away to Belleville, Ontario, Canada, circa 1971. A tragical tale of a boy who just wants to offer tulips to the women he's in love with.

storytelling 12+ 14 mins

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Stop by for an appointment with Doctor Beake. Though usually good-humoured, lately he's been losing his patients...

musical storytelling, comedy 12+ 10 mins

dark themes

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The Day My Head Exploded
Rob Gee
Poems about healthcare from comic, poet and reformed mental health nurse Rob Gee. “The kind of fringe performer you pray you’ll discover” Orlando Sentinel

comedy, spoken word 16+ 10 mins

strong language, adult themes

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