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how regular venues work

  • The application form for Regular Venues goes live on Monday 11th December and closes on Friday 26th January.
  • The programming for Regular Venues is decided by drawing from a hat the names of companies who apply. The draw will take place on Saturday 27th January.
  • In 2024 there will be 40 three-performance slots spread across 8 Regular Venues. 12 of these slots will be reserved for North Devon companies with the rest open to regional, national and international companies.
  • We allow only one application per company - though companies can also apply for an Alt Space slot.
  • After the first forty company names are drawn, a waiting-list will be established in the order that company names emerge from the hat.
  • Companies drawn out of the hat will need to confirm their place by Saturday February 3rd, by supplying specified publicity copy, a marketing image and the payment of the £100 participation fee (£65 of which is refundable so long as the agreed performances are delivered). If these aren't forthcoming by February 3rd then the slot will be offered to the next company on the waiting-list that fits the requirements for the vacant slot.
  • If a company has to cancel, there will be a full refund of the participation fee up until Saturday March 24th, after which date there will be no refund.
  • Productions in Regular Venues need to be between 30 mins and 60 mins in length. There will be a one-hour technical rehearsal programmed in. There will be only 15 minutes available to set-up and 15 minutes to get-out before and after each performance. Sets and props need to pack away within a square metre 'footprint'.
  • Ticket prices for 2024 will be £8, £5 concessions, £4 if using a Frequent Fringer Voucher. 100% of ticket money is returned to the company.
  • Companies are responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance. We will need to see confirmation. We will happily advise on cheap options.
  • We do our best to find free billets for companies from outside North Devon if so required but, given the knock-on from the pandemic, we are now finding this more difficult to achieve. In return for being billeted, company members are required to help out with four hours of volunteer duties that support Fringe TheatreFest.

the venues

  • The Queens Theatre Main Stage has a stage area 7m wide x 5m deep with seating for 100. Basic warm and cold lighting states will be available along with a limited ability to separate areas. There will be a sound system. Best suited to big cast productions and / or expansive dance.
  • The Queens Theatre Gallery Bar has a stage area 4m wide x 3.5m deep with seating for 40. Basic warm and cold lighting states will be available along with a limited ability to separate areas. There will be a sound system installed. A well-focused, intimate, black-box studio space.
  • The Guildhall has a large carpeted performance area - 7m x 7m - and raked seating for 80. It is an historic, civic building that used to be the magistrates' court and which is still used for the official business of the town council. It will be blacked-out and equipped with a sound-system and general lighting. There's no wing space, so won't suit every show.
  • The Castle Centre has a low stage, 5m wide and 3.5m deep. We install a lighting rig and a sound system. There is flat-floor seating for 50 with some higher chairs at the back to help sight-lines. Best for small-cast / one-person shows.
  • The Baptist Hall has a flat-floor stage area 5m wide x 6m deep with raked seating for 50. It is configured as a black-box studio space. Basic warm and cold lighting states will be available along with some ability to separate areas. There will be a sound system installed. It's a lovely space to play but - though the Baptist Hall is separate from the Baptist Church - there are sensitivities that have to be observed with regard to content. Specifically, alcohol and strong language are non-starters.
  • The Golden Lion Tap has a stage area 5m wide x 4m deep with staggered seating for 50. Basic warm and cold lighting states will be available along with a limited ability to separate areas. There will be a sound system installed. This venue is at the back of the pub and is particularly suited to cabaret, comedy and robust drama.
  • JCT27 offers a range of possibilities. It's a funky music venue and has that vibe. There's a (fairly high) stage, 5m wide, 4m deep which is probably best suited to stand-up comedy or something that needs to 'command' the audience. The floor area is also available and can be used to create an intimate relationship with the audience. The chairs are free standing and there are a number of moving lights in the grid so pretty much any configuration is possible. 60 seats.
  • Maquerade is a plush nightclub and this is the vibe that prevails. There's a lot of space, both a black-box raised stage (about 6m wide and 5m deep) and a roomy area in front of the stage (7m wide, 4m deep) for a closer encounter with the audience. There is lighting cover to use either area separately, or both at the same time. It's a really lovely space but will work best for shows that can capitalize on the nightclub ambience. 80 seats - could be cabaret-style around tables if that suits the programming.

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