online ticketing from June 1st

Fringe Badges

The first purchase that every audience member aged 13+ wishing to enter a ticketed venue makes, is the Fringe Badge.

The one-off payment of just £2 goes towards defraying the running-costs of the festival. All monies raised by tickets sales and Pay-What-You-Will collections go to the performers.

Fringe Badges can be pre-bought on the website and will be available during Fringe week at Fringe Central Box-Office in the Queen's Theatre foyer, at all eight Venue Box-offices and at certain alternative space venues for just £2.

See the 'to buy tickets in person' section below for information on exactly when Fringe box-offices will be open. Please note that the Queen's Theatre's own regular Box Office won't be selling Fringe tickets or badges.


  • Full price: £8
  • Concessions: £5 (16 or under, students, over 60, unemployed, disabled)
  • Frequent Fringer Vouchers: £24 for 6 different shows - £4 per show

Frequent Fringer Vouchers

  • Frequent Fringer Vouchers cost £24.
  • Each Frequent Fringer Voucher can be redeemed for single tickets to 6 different performances of your choice (£4 per performance).
  • Frequent Fringer Vouchers are unique to the holder - they can't be shared between different people.
  • For an Alternative Space performance, at which you pay-what-you-will, you are welcome to tear off a blank numbered section and put it in the bucket. The company will receive £4.
  • Please keep your Frequent Fringer Vouchers safe as they cannot be replaced if you lose them!


  • E-Fringers - i.e. Frequent Fringer Vouchers bought via the website - can be redeemed for tickets through the website or at a Fringe TheatreFest box-office.
  • You can also use your E-Fringer to give £4 to an Alternative Space performance by going to their show page and following instructions.

to buy tickets online

  • You can purchase tickets and e-Frequent Fringer Vouchers online through this website from June 1st.
  • You won't be charged a handling fee.
  • In order to buy tickets, you will first need to register.
  • Next, select the show you want to buy tickets for, click on the title of the show to take you to the show page, then click on the performance you wish to book for.
  • Please note: you can't buy tickets for Pay-What-You-Will performances.

to buy tickets in person

Fringe Central Box-Office

In person ticketing with cash, card or cheque

Fringe Central Box-Office is in the Queen's Theatre foyer. It is separate from the Queen's Theatre's own ticketing office.

Fringe Central Box-Office will be open from 12 noon to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 24 - 26 June; from 12noon to 7pm on the Thursday & Friday (27th & 28th); and 12noon - 5pm on the Saturday & Sunday (29th & 30th).

You can use card, cash or cheque to buy badges, Frequent Fringer Vouchers and tickets for any show up until half an hour before that show's start-time.

  • From the 27th of June, the eight Venue Box-Offices will be open from half an hour before the first performance at the venue until the last show has begun. The Venue Box-Offices will sell tickets - card transactions only - for the next performance in their venue from half an hour before the start time of that performance. They will also sell Frequent Fringer Vouchers and badges (again, card only). You won't be charged a handling fee for these transactions.

Pay-What-You-Will performances

  • Performances in alt spaces are "Pay-What-You-Will".
  • No money changes hands until after the performance when you will be invited to contribute to a collection.
  • There will be easily identifiable collecting buckets in the hands of a steward.
  • We ask you to be guided by the price structure for regular venues - but not to feel embarrassed if you wish to contribute more! Performers are not paid a fee - only whatever their audience is willing to give. 100% of the money collected goes to the performers.
  • Please note: you can't buy tickets for Pay-What-You-Will performances nor can places be reserved. Best to get there early if you can!.
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