A Game
Studio Theatre Ilfracombe

farce / drama


stylized violence

55 mins


Thu at 21:15

Sat at 17:45

Sun at 17:15

A Game
Studio Theatre Ilfracombe

It's not just a game; it's a game within a play within a game, but I wouldn't try it at home!

It could be a simple experiment, but the players get seriously out of control.

about the company

Although we started in the studio at the Ilfracombe Academy, nearly 40 years ago, our first foray into the Barnstaple Fringe was last year – with The Silence. We so enjoyed it, as did our audiences, that we’re straight back with a new experiment. Our cast is just four people – all new to Studio Theatre:

Fiona / Dr Henning…
Natasha Trickey

Annabel / Ms Bailey …
Charlotte Passmore

carl / Mr Edson…
carl esq

Mary / Mrs Carter …
Suzie Dobbs

about this play

When we first read this play, we had no idea it had been written over 50 years ago; the subject so fits what’s happening in the world right now.

Then – in 1971 – it was a winner in the US playwriting contest run by Jacksonville University. The author, Dennis E. Noble, was a Shubert Playwriting Fellow at the University of Colorado. He said about his play:
It “begins as farce and ends in earnest. … I hoped to keep the characters simple in order to hinder emotional identification with them. … [They] exist … in the service of an idea, and I wished … that idea would strike the viewer hard.”

Perhaps, this play gives an insight into a question such as, “Why is there so much hate in the world?” or “What extra importance do I attach to something just because it’s MINE?”

about the production

We hope we have kept the characters simple. We have, however, introduced an introduction in which they are interviewed for the ensuing “game”.

We look forward to hearing your comments and feelings about the play and this production.

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What you said about The Silence:

“Brilliant! Very moving play and very well acted.”

“What a good play! Good acting … you really saw the relationship develop!”

"I was gripped from start to finish, and that led to a really interesting and emotional discussion … Very thought-provoking. Thank you"