Nonsense and Nonsensibility
The Steaming Coasters



mild swearing

45 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Thu at 19:45

Fri at 18:00

Sat at 18:15

Nonsense and Nonsensibility
The Steaming Coasters

Did you ever wonder why migrating Wildebeest always choose to cross the river at exactly the same point every year? What if chess pieces could speak? Do electricians have a sense of humour? Do we really know what goes through the mind of a Bingo Caller? These urgent issues are addressed in our sketch show together with a lot of other nonsense.

These sketches are all our own creation and our aim is to entertain you. The Steaming Coasters had a sellout inaugural show in Watchet for the first performance in February and will be repeating it in July after rave reviews!

In the meantime, lucky Fringe-goers have the chance to watch the 'Barny Cut'. So come and have a laugh!