Gerard Harris: Wank In Progress
That’s Enough Drama

stand-up comedy


strong language

50 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Thu at 21:30

Sat at 21:45

Sun at 14:15

Gerard Harris: Wank In Progress
That’s Enough Drama

50 minutes of the best gags I’ve ever written and many others.

No theme, story or real public masturbation, it’s just about what it’s about.

So, if you like things, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU.

Topics covered include the issue around popular flightless birds engaged in motorised thoroughfare traversal, general questions of contrast between two dissimilar entities and/or concepts, broad appeals for spousal adoption, and inquiries related to doorstep encounters with a succession of cold-callers during the pre-doorbell era.

Also I hope you like jokes about Nazis. It's not my intention to offend anyone but I would advise Hitler fans to buy tickets cautiously as there may be some triggering material for you.

This show has never been reviewed and is nothing like my storytelling or improvised shows so you can't really trust the following reviews:

“Always a riveting performer”
- Buxton Fringe Review

“wonderfully spirited and fully engaging… a raucous entertaining evening… Woody Allen on speed meeting Robin Williams on a quiet day is more or less how I would sum Gerard up. And that is no bad comparison. Definitely one to watch.”
- Fringe Review [“MUST SEE SHOW”]

“never less than riveting”
★★★★ Bath Echo

"…evokes Marty Feldman. He may be the only person on that stage, but he fills that whole stage"
- Kings River Life, Fresno, California

"sharply-observed, never unkind, very funny"
- Buxton Fringe Review, UK

"Harris is a brilliant, engaging, dynamic and hilarious performer…but I’m not sure we can really add ‘polished’ to that list of adjectives"
- The Visitorium, Ottawa

"very funny, reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early-‘60s stand-up years"
- Pioneer Press, Minneapolis

“Ronnie Corbett with tourettes”
- Signifying Nothing, UK

“you’re in for a hilarious treat”
- Ottawa Tonite

"A laugh riot”
- Ink19, Orlando

“a comically cathartic experience”
- Orlando Sentinel

"Hugely talented, a cut above most storytellers"

“incredibly smart, funny and possibly one of the best comedians at this year’s Fringe”
- Edmonton Journal ★★★★★

- SWFringeGeek, Minneapolis

“the master of spinning yarns”
- The Coast, Halifax

“Come with your antennae up so you don’t miss a thing; he’s very funny and some hilarious insights are delivered almost as after-thoughts”
- Montreal Rampage

“beyond engaging into downright hypnosis…I loved every minute of it"
- Art Murmurs, Wellington

“it’s . . . what was I going to . . . . Oh, yeah, good”
- Saskatoon Star-Phoenix ★★★★

- Dominion Post, Wellington

"all the wit and timing of an accomplished road comic"
- Winnipeg Free Press ★★★★