Whirligig of Time
WHAT NOW Productions



occasional mild language

50 mins

Baptist Hall

Thu at 21:00

Fri at 19:15

Sat at 14:30

Whirligig of Time
WHAT NOW Productions

To Hell with Anger Management! Three months after Malvolio vows to be revenged on the whole pack of them, he's true to his word, confirming that he who laughs last laughs longest.

Whirligig of Time has been seen all over the country, including at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2021.


Richard Curnow weaves a confident spell, drawing the sell-out audience into Malvolio's world with a skilful luxuriation in the narrative. A classy vignette which delivers humour, pathos and a wealth of the linguistic winks we are all there for and – coupled with the delights of the Georgian House – ensure that we all leave feeling with a fresh spring in our intellectual step.

Rebecca Vines BROADWAY BABY 29th Aug 2021

A Dish Best Served Cold

Richard’s clever and witty script allows Malvolio, released from his bleak cell, to gleefully wreak havoc on his sadistic bullies.

The script rattles along as Richard delivers a superb performance, morphing between each character with no props or fancy costumes, just facial expressions and vocal impersonations. Malvolio’s joy as he unleashes his revenge is palpable and we are carried along with his cunning plans as he knocks each one off their perch.

The Old Library, Bodmin

WHIRLIGIG OF TIME WAS NOMINATED FOR AN OnComm Award Live Screening February 2021