Deep Breaths and Duloxetine
Adytum Theatre



references suicide, mental health issues, drugs

40 mins

Castle Centre

Fri at 17:45

Sat at 17:00

Sun at 16:00

Deep Breaths and Duloxetine
Adytum Theatre

Two young people in the near future, each facing their own mental health struggles, are referred to CAMHS. However, they find it has been replaced by an AI robot which is completely incompetent and unable to help them at all.

As they form a connection in the waiting room, will Atlas and Phoenix be able to find solace despite their government's failings?

about the company

Adytum Theatre is a Plymouth based company made up of 3 sixth form students who felt they had never seen theatre tell stories relevant to their generation. Our goal is to tell young people's stories from young people's perspectives and highlight the issues facing our generations as we move forward and inherit the world.

Deep Breaths and Duloxetine was written to show how despite young people struggling with their mental health more than ever, the system still fails to help us, and how, in our fracturing society, Human connection has never been more important.