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mental health issues

50 mins

The Guildhall

Thu at 20:15

Sat at 20:45

Sun at 15:45

Ichinen Sanzen Productions

Advisory Warning: If you ever find a Lump in your Penis. Don't Google it. Never Google it. I did and this is my Story of What Happened Next. #Honesty #Energy #Vulnerability

Life is full of dramas and this is just one of my recent ones. The most important bit though is how we deal with them, so my motto is "don't take it all too seriously"

Anyway let me introduce myself, my real name is Eric and fooling, a sort of mix between storytelling and improv, is my passion really.

I started training as a fool with Franki Anderson after first meeting her in rehab in 1994. (She was a facilitator, I was the one in rehab)

Over time I've performed at a fair few fringes but Barnstaple is my favourite because it's run like a true fringe should be. All the acts who apply go into a hat and a random draw decides who gets a slot.

So, in the spirit of Barnstaple Fringe, why not stick all the shows in a hat of your own and pick a few random ones yourself, hopefully my show comes out for a few of you.

Whether you come see my show or not though, I hope you have a magnificent time at this wonderful fringe and remember to always relax, enjoy yourself, have fun and don't take it all too seriously because life's too short not to.

about Fooligan

Fooligan: Is It Serious? is a one-man show performed with raw honesty, energy and vulnerability, to create an evening of spontaneity, humour and reflection.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the authentic essence of live theatre before artificial intelligence, virtual reality headsets, and the metaverse take over completely.