Emily Carding

sci-fi, solo show


45 mins

The Guildhall

Thu at 21:00

Fri at 19:45

Sat at 18:45

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Emily Carding

A combination of cataclysmic events results in the extinction of the human race, leaving behind an AI being programmed to recreate humanity when the time is right, with the complete works of Shakespeare as a guide to the human spirit. Humanity must thrive... but at what cost?

This original sci-fi storytelling show was originally commissioned by London Science Museum as part of their 2018 Frankenstein Festival under the title Humanity 2.0. Now reconceived under the writer’s preferred title of Quintessence, this exciting new writing explores themes such as the evolution of artificial intelligence, existential threat, and how we define human nature itself.

Written and performed by award-winning actor Emily Carding, well known to Fringe festivals for Brite Theater’s solo Shakespeare adaptations Richard III (a one woman show) and Hamlet (an experience)<, and directed by Dominique Gerrard (A Necessary Woman), this production combines science, imagination, and current events in a way that will leave you questioning who is the real monster.

Quintessence premiered in May 2019 at Brighton Fringe where it won Fringe Review’s ‘Outstanding Theatre’ award.

“And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?” – Hamlet

‘If you enjoy sci-fi and you know a smattering of Shakespeare then this is the show for you’ Fringe Guru ****

‘There’s a superb cliff-edge to this outstanding production’ - Fringe Review

existential threat