1, 2.... 10
Project:Dance! Devon

dance, drama, family friendly

all ages

45 mins


Thu at 18:15

Fri at 19:45

Sun at 14:00

1, 2.... 10
Project:Dance! Devon

We've all grown up with fairy tales and nursery rhymes, but what if we had it wrong all this time? Why eat curds and whey? Why was it so rainy for Intsy Winsy? What if the wolf was actually nice? And what on earth is a tuffet?

This show features some of your favourite characters and through rhyme and dance you'll see a whole new side to them.

Our 10th year of performing in Fringe TheatreFest and we couldn't be happier to enable all of our performers the equal chance to perform on a real stage. Our shows always promise to leave you smiling, we may not be the slickest but we are definitely the happiest!

about the company

Project:Dance! Devon is a community based dance school in Barnstaple and North Devon. Running dance and performing arts classes for all. Any Age, Any Size, Any Shape, Any Ability, all are welcome to learn and perform.

Karen and Steve Moss who started the school in 2005, trained with Dance Rhythms Ltd in Oxford, run by UKA fellow Miss Susan Cooper. They are registered professionals with UKA Dance and teach 18 styles of dance and performing arts. They were pleased to train, during lockdown, up to Professional drama teacher, Sally Smith who directs the Fringe TheatreFest shows and teaches the performing arts.