The Basement Flat



a few expletives

30 mins

St Anne's

Thu at 18:45

Fri at 16:00

Sat at 18:00

The Basement Flat

Fiona and Stephen's tenant has become their landlord and their daughter has taken to living in the overgrown garden, which is creeping into the house as temperatures rise.

Rona Munro's unnerving play about families, property & rampant vegetation.

What’s The Basement Flat about?

Something has happened, we don’t know what, we just know it has had a catastrophic effect on the lives of Stephen and Fiona. An unseen man paces above them, is he benign or a threat? We don’t know. Who’s stopping them living their suburban dream? It’s an atmospheric play about the unknowable and the unknown.

Who are Benny&Kate?

Benny&Kate are Deb, Neil, Jay, Glen, Julie and Grace. This is our fifth year participating in Fringe Theatrefest, and each time we try to bring something completely different.

Benny&Kate are a North Devon based theatre company. Formed in 2017, we set out to prove there was an audience for contemporary, challenging non-professional theatre in the area. We’ve since gone on to stage pieces that don’t compromise on subject matter, aimed at adult audiences, and that are designed to be performed in small venues.