Toby Belch is Unwell
Fetch Theatre

drama / comedy


swearing, drinking and sexual innuendo

50 mins


Fri at 19:30

Sat at 17:45

Sun at 16:45

Toby Belch is Unwell
Fetch Theatre

The life of one of Shakespeare's better known, but still, minor characters.

Toby Belch is unwell - the years of louche living, late nights and debauchery have taken their toll and now he faces his end with the knowledge that he is seen as a buffoon, a sot and a bully.

He could have been Hamlet, he could have been Macbeth... Is this his epitaph?

Taking as its starting point the character of Toby Belch from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, the play seamlessly weaves together the character and the actor into one. A play which explores the idea of just when one should give up on one's dreams.

This play is about the love of theatre and thwarted ambition, it’s about always being cast as the secondary character in life's drama, both real and imaginary.

“I'm so excited. I've just seen a wonderful piece of theatre, Toby Belch is Unwell, beautifully written by John Knowles and passionately performed by Sidney Kean. Beautifully written - impeccably and intricately structured. Poignant and resonant.”

Emily Carding (Richard III - Brite Theatre)

“This is the kind of theatre that deserves (and will get) a wide audience. An extraordinarily honest and viscerally powerful performance from Sidney Kean and a sly subversive script from John Knowles. It's a blistering howl of outrage from the also-rans and under achievers of life presented with utter stripped back simplicity humour and verve. If you go to theatre to share in something real, connect to your deepest humanity, hopes and fears, be transported and to feel more alive as you head to the pub afterwards then this is the show for you.”

Patrick Kealey - Actor / Director

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