Jane Eyre
Tanya Landman



45 mins

Castle Centre

Thu at 20:00

Sat at 18:45

Sun at 19:00

Jane Eyre
Tanya Landman

A mysterious master, a sinister servant, strange laughter echoing along the corridors of Thornfield Hall…

Now older and wiser, Jane Eyre takes a wry look back at her dramatic past.

Award-winning author Tanya Landman has written more than 40 books for children and young people, but she started her career as an actress, puppeteer and storyteller.

After a difficult few years and with her sixtieth birthday galloping towards her over the horizon, Tanya decided it was time to embrace a new challenge. A long-time devotee of the Fringe (as an audience member), she threw her name into the hat and this is her first year as a participant.

Tanya said, “I’ve loved Jane Eyre and all things Bronte since I was about thirteen and this is an opportunity to share my enthusiasm with other fans. And for those who haven’t read it – it will whet their appetite. It’s such a good story!”

This is Tanya’s first solo show and she admits she’s looking forward to this year’s Fringe with both wild excitement and stone-cold terror. “But the Fringe is so welcoming and there’s always such a lovely atmosphere. It’s the best possible place for a world premiere.