Planet Barratt @ Bridge Chambers
Rob Barratt

comedy, spoken word


60 mins

Bridge Chambers

Sat at 19:00

Planet Barratt @ Bridge Chambers
Rob Barratt

Comic poet and singer takes you on a trip to the stranger parts of his brain. He covers important subjects such as his imagined relationship with potatoes.

I’m a Dudley-born, brain-tickling, word-mangling comic poet and singer from North Cornwall. I combine clever word play and song with satire, parody and audience participation. I deal with such important topics as squid, Neanderthal politics, the weather in Scotland, data-driven education, distressed furniture and my relationship with potatoes but often beneath the comedy there lurk serious issues. I have appeared at arts, literature and folk festivals all over the British Isles and in Australia. I have published three books of performance material and a book of short stories for children. Please have a look at my website and at these Youtube clips:

“This is not only clever but I also think it’s very funny.” Mike Harding

“‘Comic Poet’ it says on the card. That’s not the half of it. The man is a velvet tongued assassin, using charm and humour as a subtle lever to highlight life’s absurdities. It’s all very light and sing-along jocular – but this man is dangerously subversive and his show should be witnessed at all costs at your earliest opportunity. Bloody Funny." Barrie Dimond of Festivals for All at Beardy Folk Festival, Shropshire, June 2022

“His head is well and truly located in ‘Planet Barratt,’ clearly a place of wonderfully bizarre inspiration.’’ Coventry Telegraph

“Rob revels in wily wordplay and rogue rhyming but his conceits & surrealist forays into the imagination take the ruddy biscuit. Hilarious!” Adrian Mealing UK Touring and Spooky Men’s Chorale