The Prudes

drama / comedy


60 mins


Thu at 18:45

Sat at 16:15

Sun at 17:30

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The Prudes

The Prudes by Anthony Neilson

Jess and Jimmy haven’t done it in a year. Fourteen months and four days to be exact.
It’s definitely not the seven year itch – they’ve been together nine.
Now they’re coming together in a last-ditch effort to re-boot their sex life and save their relationship. And you're all invited!
The Prudes is a comedy about relationships in the current sexual climate and a vicious satire on the male response to it.

ADULTS ONLY strong language, adult/sex references

This is Benny&Kate’s 4th submission to Fringe Theatrefest, so here’s a bit about what we’ve done before and some reviews to convince you to come and see us again!

2021 – Oeuf by Annie Fox

A funny, touching and beautifully bonkers short play about friends and babies and life. Our first (and only) livestreamed performance was eight minutes of fun with friends.

2019 – Woman Caught Unaware by Annie Fox

A professor of art history must decide what action to take when an unflattering naked photograph of her in a changing room is shared online. Exploring how images of women are represented in art and social media Annie Fox's Heretic Voices monologue explores the many emotions of a woman facing humiliation from trolls & her fight back against the body-shamers.

Here's what the Fringe Audiences thought:
"A deserved standing ovation this afternoon for Deborah Hadley’s powerful portrayal of A Woman Caught Unaware. Tightly written by playwright Annie Fox. Heartfelt, vulnerable, passionate. A call to arms. Go see." Claire G
"Such an incredible show. It felt so raw and made me laugh and cry throughout" "Thought-provoking theatre. Incredibly poignant and important – loved it." Coral
"Brilliant performance! Powerful performance expressing such an important message! Bravo!" Ruth &Richard H

2018 – Constellations by Nick Payne

Scientist Marianne meets beekeeper Roland at a party. They hit it off and go out for a drink, or maybe they don’t. Maybe they fall madly in love & get married. Or maybe they end up engaged to other people. Maybe they live happily ever after, or maybe they end up as total strangers.

"intense, thought-provoking & very moving"
"stunning, I actually couldn't speak by the end!"
"brilliantly played, fantastic direction"
"a visual treat"