That's Enough Drama

spoken word, stand-up, storytelling


60 mins

Liberal Club

Fri at 21:00

Sat at 18:00

Sun at 16:00

This is a pay-what-you-will-show. There are no tickets but there will be a bucket-collection.

That's Enough Drama

The anxiety-riddled joke writer/doormat for a famous comedian crashes into the stand up spotlight – armed with paralysing fear, blind panic and jokes the comedian didn’t buy – and sets out to prove just who’s really the funny one. The rest is history… except history is usually written by the winners.

British-Canadian storyteller Gerard Harris invites you to experience the vicarious thrill of telling jokes on stage to tens, hundreds, even thousands of people – and then back to tens again – without the sleepless nights and crippling self-doubt in this true story of fragile egos, low impulse control, immense distraction and the best worst comedy gig of all time.

Best Comedy Performer: Buxton
Best Solo Show: Nelson
Best of Fest: Ottawa
Best Comedy: Dunedin

“incredibly smart, funny" – ★★★★★

Edmonton Journal, CA

“Very funny, reminiscent of Woody Allen in his early-60s stand-up years”

Pioneer Press, Minneapolis, US

“beyond engaging into downright hypnosis…I loved every minute of it”

Art Murmurs, Wellington, NZ

“masterful storytelling… a dizzying, exhilarating, headlong rush”

Pantograph Punch, Wellington, NZ

“engaging, hyperkinetic, intelligent yet self-effacing…Harris is a riveting entertainer”

Cult Montreal, CA

“a brilliant, engaging, dynamic and hilarious performer”

The Visitorium, Ottawa, CA

“Opening night’s audience ran to the stage to hug him”

The View, Hamilton, CA

“Ronnie Corbett with Tourettes”

Signifying Nothing, Buxton, UK




strong language