Grimm's Fairer Tales
Stories Alive

family storytelling


60 mins

Tent on the Strand

Fri at 17:00

Sat at 13:30

Sun at 14:30

Grimm's Fairer Tales
Stories Alive

With wolves, witches and goblins. Feminist tales for a modern age, members of the audience are invited on to the stage to help tell these twisted versions of the Grimm’s classics.

“A must see for anyone with children, especially those who enjoy performing!”

“And he succeeds, with this delight of an interactive children’s show, enthralling both children and adults alike.” *****

“Grimm’s Fairer Tales is an engaging and entertaining show, which delights the children and adults in the audience alike. Throughout the piece, the whole audience is given opportunities to get involved if they want to, and Ballantyne’s enthusiastic and attentive style of storytelling draws the whole room into the tale.”