The bottom of the deep blue sky
Jess May-Cox

storytelling, music


30 mins

St Anne's

Thu at 20:00

Fri at 17:30

Sat at 13:00

Sun at 15:30

The bottom of the deep blue sky
Jess May-Cox

Welcome to St Anne’s, where the sea is the sky, the ceiling’s a boat, and only certain creatures know what lies just above the surface of the sky, in the realm above water.

Weaving together storytelling, singing and that feeling when you duck your head under water and suddenly everything becomes quiet, come and discover some tales from the sea.

Jess grew up along the North Devon coast, and much of her work is inspired by the sea and the tales of the people who live by (and maybe even in) it. She’s a Southwest based theatre maker, working primarily between North Devon and Bristol, and loves weaving together storytelling and music in her work.

Most recently Jess has worked with Theatre Workhouse, Burn the Curtain, and Creative Playhouse, alongside making her own work, to bring tales of seagrass, swan boats, and summer traditions to Devon.

Photo credit: Selich, Exeter Northcott Launch Festival2022- Southwest Theatre Photography

Reviews of Selich

‘A surprisingly tender and moving story. Intimate and captivating.’ – Theatrefest Audience review 2022

‘Very moving- still feel like crying at the leaving of her daughter’ – Theatrefest Audience review 2022

‘Very absorbing piece of writing, love the music. Can there be more of it?’ – Launch Festival Exeter Northcott Audience review, 2022

Photo credit:A Midsummer Tale by Creative Playhouse- Fringe Theatrefest 2022- Green Minds Photography