The TigerFace Show
Justin Teddy Cliffe

comedy, physical theatre, puppetry


strong language, reference to drugs, puppet worm sex

60 mins

The Guildhall

Fri at 21:30

Sat at 17:15

Sun at 14:00

The TigerFace Show
Justin Teddy Cliffe

Thrown head first into a colour-filled world of puppets, balloons and poopy-loops, TigerFace tries to keep his adult-cynicism at bay whilst he re-creates the last ever episode of his old kid’s TV show.

Descending into absurdism, the performance quickly unfurls into an audience responsive, ragged-scream party-piece, that’s one part misery, two parts joyful.

The TigerFace Show is a weird + wonderful comedy performance that asks us to re-think what it was we wanted to be when we grew up in the hopes of finding some child-like happiness in adulthood!

All audience members will receive FREE Piña Colada!*

(*There will be no free Piña Colada)