Three Questions
Chris Tennant - Magician

magic, comedy, mind-reading


unexpected strong language from audience

45 mins

The Guildhall

Fri at 18:15

Sat at 15:45

Sun at 18:45

Three Questions
Chris Tennant - Magician

In 2018 the University of Ohio conducted a study in decision making and discovered that an individual would on average ask themselves three questions before making any decision.

Get ready to be amazed by 3 Questions, an incredible mind-reading show that will leave you in awe! Join renowned mentalist Chris Tennant, as he uses the 3-questions method to reveal your thoughts.

3 Questions combines psychology, intuition, and captivating performances to offer a unique experience that will make you question what you thought was possible. Get ready for an unforgettable show that will leave you wondering about how your decisions can be manipulated!

“part magician, part mind reader and part con-man. I don’t understand how he does any of it, but he does it very well indeed”
— Philip Pullman, Author, His Dark Materials

Winner of Best Fringe Newcomer 2019

Best Magic Act 2019

Stage Magician of the Year 2021

Hitched Entertainer of the Year

Comedy Entertainer of the Year 2022