Lame Miserables
Lame Miserables

stand-up comedy


strong language

60 mins

Golden Lion Tap

Fri at 21:30

Sat at 16:30

Sun at 17:45

Lame Miserables
Lame Miserables

After their triumphant turn at Leicester Comedy Festival, Dave Flynn, Lin Smith & Robyn Harvey once again join forces to bring their triple-hander stand-up show Lame Miserables to Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest.

Watch on aghast as this degenerate trio collectively wade through their formative years and messy twenties, unpack their unsuccessful attempts at self-improvement and resounding successes in self-destruction, then consider the grim prospect that it may be too late to change paths.

The show offers surprisingly little French content, and even fewer musical numbers. What it does offer is plenty of frank and uncompromising ruminations on the unbearable shiteness of being. Come along and bear witness to an hour-long overshare, guaranteed to make you feel better about your own shortcomings.