The Vixen @ Bridge Chambers
Just Us Theatre

mystery, horror


45 mins

Bridge Chambers

Sun at 19:30

The Vixen @ Bridge Chambers
Just Us Theatre

Eldritch fantasy and British folklore blend in this mysterious tale of fungal paranoia and bitter cold. The Foxmother has its teeth around the throats of Whitenook Common.

about the company

Hi, my name is Lewis and I’m a recent University graduate in theatre, with a focus in writing, directing and acting for the stage.

My interests in different fantasy, new weird and literary genres are currently leading me towards creating surreal and unique theatre works, with an openness to potentially venture out into other artistic mediums.

More recently I’m exploring how to make more inclusive work in the future, such as theatre for the deaf and other accessibility tools.

As a local Devon boy, I’m really excited to put on my second show here at the Fringe and see as much other amazing performances I can!