23 Words
Rosamund Clare and Katy Lee

performance storytelling, spoken word


mention of rape

40 mins


Thu at 18:00

Sat at 19:30

Sun at 13:45

23 Words
Rosamund Clare and Katy Lee

Two storytellers unravel the question Chaucer asked ‘What is it that women most desire?’ But there are three chairs... Who is the third chair for? Who’s missing?

23 Words is a blend of storytelling and theatre with poetic interruptions. The two performers, Ros and Katy, honour the oral storytelling tradition, meaning they are not reading aloud set texts nor are they memorizing a script. Rather they know the general direction of the narrative and use spontaneity and improvisation to tell the story giving it a vibrancy. Therefore, because there is no formal script, no two performances will be exactly the same! The ‘free-flow’ storytelling is interspersed with tight poetic refrains and has been given a theatrical edge.

company biog

Ros and Katy are both members of The Plough Storytelling Circle and between them have been performing for over 50 years!!! You will find them telling stories in local libraries, museums, pubs or while walking the dog!

Ros has been treading the boards, performing everything from Shakespeare (which she has a MA in) to farce, while, Katy originally came from a dance background and has entertained audiences in performances created for site-specific and unusual spaces.

Both Ros and Katy have a passion for the oral storytelling tradition and want to keep it alive by challenging some of its conventions.