Escaping Event Horizons
Autojeu Theatre

comedy - physical comedy


45 mins


Thu at 20:30

Fri at 22:00

Sat at 12:30

Sat at 14:30

Escaping Event Horizons
Autojeu Theatre

A journey through time and space, experiencing the beginnings and ends of it all. From the extinction of dinosaurs & the fall of Pompeii to the robotic uprising of the 38th century.

about the company

Autojeu Theatre have been performing at Fringe Theatrefest since 2012, debuting with How To Climb Mount Everest. Since then they have appeared at eight TheatreFests bring their own unique brand of comic physical storytelling with shows Tramps Like Us, Aesop's Fables, BEOWULF, One Man Peter Pan and One Man King Arthur. The company is devoted to making playful, fun and imaginative work.

Here are some selected reviews from Autojeu shows:

"Incredibly funny and all the time gripping and resourceful.”

Limerick Fringe, Ireland

“Despite some dazzling other shows at Prague Fringe this year, this is easily one of the best.”

Prague Post, Czech Republic

“Pythonesque in their approach, mercurial in their depictions, irreverent in their storytelling, skilled in their craft, delightful in their song”

Front Row Centre, New York

“At its heart is an unlikely, but genuinely remarkable, comic duo.”

British Theatre, London

Alongside their imaginative physical storytelling the company also perform comedic, clown-ish, shows that often invite, and welcome the audience into a bizarre, magical and fantastical world in which everything becomes possible... and in which very little makes sense! Escaping Event Horizons follows on in this mould. The audience will be taken to the edge of time and back again, witnessing the ends of civilisations, worlds, planets and solar systems! If you have seen (and enjoyed!) The World and Stuff, Organised Chaos and The Idea then you will love this show!

about the performer

Sam Gibbs trained at Dartington College of Arts, Ecole Philippe Gaulier and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Further training has come from studying with Complicite's core members Marcello Magni and Jos Houben, Vamos, Jon Davison and Spymonkey. As well as his work with Autojeu Theatre Sam works as an Acting Lecturer and trainer and is the Course Leader for ArtsEd's Acting Foundation.