We'll Let You Know
Dreamshed Theatre

comedy, drama


75 mins

Room At The Top

Thu at 17:30

Fri at 18:00

Sat at 12:45

Sat at 15:00

Sun at 15:00

We'll Let You Know
Dreamshed Theatre

Bobby Roberts has been invited to audition. This is made no easier when he learns the production is to be immersive and participative.

Can you help him sink or swim in this humorous insight into the actors’ lot?

Hi! I'm Bill Cronshaw and I founded Dreamshed Theatre in 2003.

Dreamshed is a friendly, small company which has always aimed to bring a variety of theatre to a wide range of audiences in as wide a range of venues as possible. Another aim is to encourage actors both professional and amateur to enjoy themselves and 'have a go'. Budding writers are also eagerly welcomed!

Do feel free to come and meet us at Fringe fest! We're in this game for fun!