Barnstaple Library

Journal of an Encouraged Girl
SParkS Youth Theatre Company

A struggling 21st Century girl discovers an inspiring journal in her mother's attic. Written by a maid in the 17th Century, their parallel lives are movingly similar.

A journal in the attic.

Thu , Fri , Sat
Age 7-99 30 mins
Jungle Stories @ The Library
Puppet Roadshow

A colourful, cute, comedy performance about animal friendships with masks and puppets. Gentle audience participation with no pressure to join in. Meet the puppets after the show.

Adventures in the jungle for all.

Age 3-7 20 mins
Silly Squirrel @ The Library
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

Deep in the woods on the big oak tree lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel! Pull up a picnic blanket and join Above Bounds in a puppet show for ages 0-7.

A squirrel with big ideas.

Age 0-7 30 mins