Aardvark Avenue - A Bit of a Domestic
Project:Dance! Devon

Domestic bliss doesn't come easy to the residents of Aardvark Avenue! See their strengths and, mostly, weaknesses shown through comedy poems and dance.

Domestic bliss doesn't come easy!

Thu , Fri , Sun
Age all ages 45 mins
Good Grief
Pen Works Media

When a feuding family return home for their mum's funeral, a series of shocking revelations unfold, including the fact their dad has already buried her.

At a feuding family funeral, shocking revelations unfold.

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 14+ 60 mins
Out Of Words
Raconteur Theatre and Dance

A newly formed company of local dancers beautifully weave a story as old as time through movement. This stunning performance for anyone who enjoys theatre. A story beyond words.

Dancers weave a story as old as time through movement.

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 12+ 45 mins
The Silence
Studio Theatre Ilfracombe

On the crest of the wave or taking refuge in its silence … before it crashes? Forty years from the Falklands War, we take time to consider its effect on a soldier soon afterwards.

The effect of the Falklands War on a soldier soon afterwards.

Thu , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 13+ 60 mins
Circle of Spears

A herbalist / healer must defend herself before an accuser and the local magistrate. The magistrate must then decide whether she should be committed for trial.

A herbalist / healer defend herself before the local magistrate.

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 12+ 55 mins