1, 2.... 10
Project:Dance! Devon

1,2, Buckle my shoe, oh no 10 years of shows needs celebrating! A whimsical retelling of your favourite nursery rhymes, through drama and dance and definitely comedy.

10 years of shows needs celebrating!

Thu , Fri , Sun
Age all ages 45 mins
A Different Track
Circle of Spears

Brian's life is in ruins. Will his Guardians, Vivian and Walter, help him put it right? Either way his train journey home is about to take a VERY different turn.

Brian's life takes a VERY different turn.

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 12+ 60 mins
A Game
Studio Theatre Ilfracombe

It's not just a game; it's a game within a play within a game, but I wouldn't try it at home! It could be a simple experiment, but the players get seriously out of control.

A game within a play within a game

Thu , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 13+ 55 mins
Pen Works Media

During a state of emergency, an inventor sends a self-building robot to care for his father in his dying days. But it soon gets creative with the rules by which it’s governed.

A dying father. A loving son. A modern solution.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 14+ 60 mins
Women What Dance!
Raconteur Theatre and Dance

Women What Dance playfully weave together their stories about dancing. Raconteur brings you a show that has something for everyone.

A playful weaving together of stories about dancing.

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 12+ 40 mins