Room At The Top

I Think I've Made a Terrible Mistake @ Room At The Top
Matt David

A deeply insecure young man is forced to contemplate the past 14 months of life living in a new age cult - all in just eighteen agitating minutes.

14 months of living in a new-age cult

(content) Age 18+ 20 mins
We'll Let You Know
Dreamshed Theatre

Bobby Roberts has been invited to audition. The production is to be immersive and participative. Can you help him sink or swim in this humorous insight into the actors’ lot?

A humorous insight into the actors’ lot

Thu , Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 16+ 75 mins
What's time got to do, got to do with it?

How do you find time? It's been 6 years, but PIDGE are BACK with their unique and intimate blend of storytelling and FUN. Limited spaces - don't miss out!

It's been 6 years but PIDGE are back

Thu , Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 12+ 45 mins