Green Lanes

LDA Showcase @ Green Lanes
La Tragna Dance Academy

Come join us for an exciting display of our current works that showcase our students diverse ability and creative flair!

An exciting display of dance and musical theatre

Age all ages 45 mins
Silly Squirrel @ Green Lanes
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

Deep in the woods on the big oak tree lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel! Pull up a picnic blanket & join Above Bounds for a puppet show for ages 0-7.

A little squirrel with big ideas!

Age 0-7s + adult 30 mins
The Crucible
Stage Right

Stage Right theatre company are from Ilfracombe Academy. We pride ourselves on tackling challenging plays, come and see a scene from our latest, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Challenging scenes from The Crucible

(content) Age all ages 15 mins