St Anne's

A Double Blessing: Stories of Sex, Donuts & Jewish Roots

Poems, stories and wit - from Jewish donuts to queer clubbing and beyond.

Donuts to clubbing .

Thu , Fri
(content) Age 18+ 30 mins
ILOP (Improving the lives of Older People)

Series of monologues drawn from conversations with a wide range of older people in an area of Bristol about the causes of loneliness and isolation.

Experiences of loneliness and isolation.

Age 12+ 50 mins
A Midsummer Tale @ St Anne's
Creative Playhouse

You are invited to immerse yourself in Latvian Midsummer Celebrations, following one woman's story through life. Four performers will take you on a journey through storytelling, movement and songs, to rural Latvia.

A Latvian Midsummer Solstice Celebration.

Age 10+ 30 mins
Poor Old Horse @ St Anne's
Back ze Vore

Poor Old Horse has grown weary, the end of his life has arrived. Here begins a mystical journey that's sure to raise your spirits and connect you to the land around you.

A mystical journey that's sure to raise your spirits.

Age 14+ 20 mins
Punch&Judy at the Seaside @ St Anne's
Puppet Roadshow

A North Devon version, featuring all your favourite characters and some surprise Devonian characters to add a bit of local colour and suspense. Audience participation encouraged!

Traditional Punch and Judy show.

(content) Age all ages 30 mins
The No Show
Just Us Theatre Company

A mix of performance and spoken word reflecting upon the times we live in, putting the focus back on ourselves as a community divided but healing.

A community divided but healing.

Thu , Fri , Sat
Age 16+ 60 mins