Castle Centre

Bertie Bassett is 50 Something and sad
Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company

What makes "Bertie" Bassett sad? Reaching 50 Something the world seems strange, weird and annoying. Part stand up, part personal, part rant! Contains strong language but no nuts!

The world seems strange!

Thu , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 16+ 50 mins
Breeding Grounds
Journeymen Theatre

Ingrid's an agency carer and a climate change activist, whilst Stewart's a backbench MP. Breeding Grounds explores the moral dilemmas they face and the accommodations they reach.

An agency carer and client with very different perspectives.

Fri , Sat , Sun
(content) Age 17+ 60 mins
How the West was Lost
The Bard of Windmill Hill

The Bard of Windmill Hill presents his award-winning show encompassing tragedy, history and comedy; satire, philosophy and social comment; hilarity, theatricality and drama.

Comedy; satire, philosophy and social comment.

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age 14+ 60 mins
Stagedore Theatre Company

Crazy is lost in chaos trying to de-clutter her house and mind. Her other half, Sanity tries to help but she can be rather bossy and uncaring. Can they come together in harmony?

Can Crazy and Sanity come together in harmony?

Thu , Sat , Sun
Age 12+ 45 mins
The Comprehensive School of Art
Shirley Halse

A very silly & funny show about the history of art from definitely-an-expert professor Shirley Halse. Containing lots of facts (and fiction) about all your favourite masterpieces.

Facts (and fiction) about all your favourite masterpieces.

Thu , Fri , Sat
(content) Age 16+ 55 mins