St Anne's Outside

C3 Youth Dance

Landmark Theatre's C3 Youth Dance celebrate the story of how Barnstaple’s community welcomed displaced French Huguenots fleeing persecution in the 1600's into their lives.

Barnstaple welcomes French Huguenots fleeing persecution.

Age 5+ 17 mins
Silly Squirrel @ St Anne's Outside
Above Bounds Theatre Collective

Deep in the woods on the big oak tree lives a little squirrel with big ideas. This is Silly Squirrel! Pull up a picnic blanket & join Above Bounds for a puppet show for ages 0-7.

A little squirrel with big ideas!

Age 0-7s + adult 30 mins
Tales about Town
Plough Storytelling Circle

Find a storyteller, hear a tale, be transported to far off times and places, carry on shopping. Pop-up stories, Fri, Sat and Sun throughout town plus two longer performances.

Be transported to far-off times and places

Sat , Sun
Age all ages 30 mins
The Hunting of the Hare
Back ze Vore

Puppetry, storytelling, music and mayhem - the Hare leads us on a merry dance through Barnstaple on a hunt for magical medleys, tall tales and heart-warming happenings.

The Hare leads us on a merry dance through Barnstaple

Fri , Sat , Sun
Age all ages 30 mins
The Infinite Tale of the Roving Nomads @ St Anne's Outside
SAS Productions

In a time that’s not a time and a place that’s not a place, two storytellers travel lands to find their audience and complete their quest. Will they succeed, come along to find out.

Will the storytellers complete their quest?

(content) Age 8+ 60 mins