fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival



A stand-up poetry show with Rob Barratt and Jackie Juno

Rob and Jackie combine their talents to raise laughs, eyebrows, spirits, and indeed the roof, with their witty wordage. They address issues of life, love, death, sex, Joe Brown look-alikes and Betterware.

Rob Barratt is a Bodmin-based comic poet and singer who has established himself in the South West as a writer and performer of pithy poems and silly songs. Rob spends a lot of time in a place he calls 'Planet Barratt' but occasionally he comes down to Earth to entertain audiences.

Jackie Juno has been wowing audiences from Glastonbury to Amsterdam, from Penzance to London, from Totnes to ... er ... Newton Abbot, with her dynamic, anarchic and hilarious performances. She lives on the edge of Dartmoor with her husband, young daughter and My Little Bloody Pony collection.


age 16+
(a little mild bad language)
60 mins