fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

Description of Everything

White Hippos Productions

A kidnapped journalist tries in secret to weave the events of his capture into the narrative of a spectacular fantasy epic.

Time is running out - with his kidnappers becoming more erratic - and the journalist and his guard try to keep occupied by writing a story.

Piece by piece, clue by clue he hides his investigation and the events of his capture within the tale of two magical warriors trying to resurrect the long, lost guardian spirits that have vanished from their world, leaving it parched and dying.

Within the story are the clues to unravel a real life mystery. Can he finish the story before the Guard discovers his plot? Can they tell one last story for the dead?

Last year White Hippos Productions became the first company to sell-out a performance at the North Devon Fringe TheatreFest; an achievement they are extremely proud of.

Over the past five years the White Hippos have created eight productions exploring the links between fantasy, reality and memory. “Description of Everything” will be (for a few years at least) the last time we delve into the paper thin lines that separate fantasy and reality.

Join us as magical spirits are awakened, secrets are revealed, heroes are reborn and, in their comically physical style, The White Hippos present a story of a story and two friends in need of an escape.

You can see videos and photos of our previous productions and follow our mini-blog by making friends with White Hippos Productions at

For reviews of our previous shows see below.

The Sparkling Fragile

Wow absolutely fantastic, slick and flawless. Best performance at the Fringe so far!

It brought tears to my eyes. Magic and real which if you think about it is an amazing achievement. (Unless magic is real, I think some is. I think you proved that!) Go you guys!
Name not supplied

What a fantastic show. Simply brilliant – stunning performance.
Sean Devlin

First Edition Second Edition

This is an imaginative and moving story that skilfully fuses surrealism, comedy, and poignancy into an original piece of drama featuring a bright and talented cast.
Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe

A collection of ridiculously strong performances, well done guys!

Purple is for Sarcasm

Very entertaining & witty
Ian Gracie


age 12+

60 mins