fringe dates - 24-27 June
Barnstaple's Fringe Theatre Festival

The Party (Two Short Plays)

Wind Up Theatre Company

The Party is a double bill of wicked one act satires to mark the election. The first, The Honest Politician, has MPs swapping wives as secretaries, the second, Abominable Suffragettes, stars a suffragette on the rampage.


“Warm and funny with some lovely rich lines”
– Dave Simpson, playwright of West End hit, Girls Night Out

“Superb, funny, witty, topical…right in the zeitgeist”
– Nick Discombe, playwright of Halfway to Paradise

“Lots of imagination”
– Amanda Knott, director, Creative Cow repertory company

The Wind Up Theatre Company

JAN LIFF (director) - Jan has performed in numerous Northcott Community Company productions and is a veteran of the North Devon Fringe. Last year she directed Heart to Heart to critical acclaim at the Exeter New Theatre.

LUCY BELL (writer/director) – For six years Lucy was a BBC copywriter and director working with mercurial performers from Jonathan Ross to Robbie Williams before trying her hand with the theatrical talent of Devon.

SUZE GARDNER (writer) – Sue is a writer and historian and her lively academic articles have appeared in numerous publications. She is currently writing a book on the history of Exeter but was haunted by the ghost of her eccentric suffragette grandmother to create Sheep Dip.

ENSEMBLE CAST: Andrew Dean, Jan Liff, Marnie Pyne, Nick Limm, Alison Mitchell

Plot outlines:


“You’re an MP, Max - not a footballer!”
“Nonsense. The proles like a bit of swagger. That’s why everyone in politics starts in marketing!”

In the wake of the expenses scandal, Graham “grapey” Gilmore MP has a crisis of conscience about hiring his wife. Graham’s devious colleague, Max, has the perfect solution: he suggests they swap wives. What Graham doesn’t realise is that Max is already sleeping with his wife and wants his own wife, Esther, in Graham’s camp to spy on him. Life is tough when you are Britain’s only honest MP but Graham is determined to stick to his principles…and with Esther’s help he might just succeed.


"When women get the vote things will change, Thomas"
"Damn suffragettes! Encouraging you to get above yourself, Lilian. God help this country if you do get the vote!"

Thomas and Lilian are uneasily married. All was fine until she discovered women's rights… which he blames for all the world's wrongs! She can't cope with being a downtrodden little wife any more and he is embarrassed and furious at her militant behaviour. But it is 1918 and things are changing quickly. Can Thomas come to terms with the new status quo?


age 12+

60 mins